East1° was established in 2015 and the first true co-working space in Whitstable. By this we mean that we fully adopt the defining spirit of co-working by sharing space, equipment, ideas knowledge and success (sometimes even clients when we collaborated in a beautiful way).

Based in the wonderful but bijou Castle Gatehouse we quickly became 4 companies (+ 6-8 freelancers on and off) working closely together as a community. But we needed more space and wanted a bigger community. So we have moved to a shiny new home at 65-67 High Street (above Barclays Bank). Now there is room for many more of us!

Why East1° you say? ..Simple - much of Whitstable is almost exactly on the 1 degree line East of GMT.

We believe that Together.is.better so pop in and find out why... look forward to seeing you.

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First Floor
65/67 High Street

Tel. 01227 271014

[email protected]